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Case Study: Energizer ‘Waste to Wonder’

When Energizer approached Cirkle to launch its EcoAdvanced battery, which is made from recycled batteries, the agency created an attention-grabbing, battery-powered, a four metre high replica of Tower Bridge made up of more than 80,000 recycled batteries, which led to EcoAdvanced winning The Grocer’s ‘Launch of the Year 2015’.

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Case Study: Bike Moments

Find out how Forster Communications helped raise the profile of road safety charity The Institute of Advanced Motorists by creating a series of tongue-in-cheek Facebook and Twitter "Bike Moments".

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Case Study: Positive Living Around the World

Find out how Threepipe launched a social media campaign to raise the profile of Standard Chartered Bank's Positive Living HIV/AIDS education programme with the help of professional footballers Emre Can, Philippe Coutinho and Jordon Ibe from Liverpool FC.

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Case Study: DreamToys 2015

To launch the Toy Retailers Association’s DreamToys list, Bastion decided to recreate Christmas day on a mild November morning with a 25-foot Christmas tree surrounded by this year’s most wanted toys.

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Case Study: Man Booker Prize for Fiction

When the Man Booker Prize for Fiction changed its rules to open the prize up to more international authors, Four Colman Getty harnessed the power of vloggers and launched a series of celebrity audio podcasts to raise the profile and accessibility of the annual award.

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Case Study: Holiday Memories

To raise brand awareness and boost's search rankings, Epiphany Search asked the public to dig out their best holiday snaps, from the past and present, to create a 100-year timeline of memories.

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Case Study: National Wallpaper Week for Graham & Brown

When designer wallpaper brand Graham & Brown wanted to launch a National Wallpaper Week, Citypress set in motion a campaign to showcase wallpaper as art, which included a 'Kinky Vintage' edition to "get pulses racing in the bedroom" with the help of "sexpert" Tracey Cox and designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The results? Nation-wide coverage, National Wallpaper Week trending on Twitter and a sales increase for Graham & Brown of some 20% year on year.

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Case Study: Bee-A-BeeFarmer

Rowse Honey, in partnership with the Bee Farming Association, created a new apprenticeship scheme to stop the decline of British bee-hives in the UK. Clarion Communications came up with a campaign, led by an army of more than 100 bee farmers, to promote the initiative which involved the take over of the Millennium Bridge in London. It worked - the apprenticeship scheme was massively over-subscribed.

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Case Study: End Marmite Neglect

With the nation facing imminent "Marmageddon", W reignited Marmite's 2013 Marmite Neglect campaign with a Marmite Neglect Helpline, a partnership with dating site MySingleFriend and a "career resurrection mission" for former Eastenders actor Dean Gaffney.

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Case Study: Grolsch's 400th Anniversary

To celebrate Grolsch's 400th anniversary this year, Eulogy, with the help of street art collective Graffiti Life, decided to grab the attention of 25 to 34-year-old drinkers by creating a "living billboard" featuring a giant swing top bottle made from 400 of its distinctive swing tops in just 400 minutes.

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