Gorkana Surveys

Gorkana Surveys

People’s opinions are ever changing and the channels that influence them are growing faster than ever. It is therefore vital to be able to measure and gauge what people are thinking on a real time basis which is why we have introduced Gorkana Surveys – Real time research. Instant insights.

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Gorkana Surveys is a self service, cost effective micro survey solution that allows users to create and conduct short surveys and receive results within minutes, giving you the type of instant insight that is invaluable in shaping and driving forward successful PR programmes.

By targeting our network of publisher’s websites we’re able to put your questions in front of a UK online audience of over 4 million potential respondents and generate insights immediately. So whether you’re in need of ideas for news jacking, have a crisis to monitor or need opinion for a press release, let Gorkana Surveys help you take control.

Key features

  • Conduct real time micro surveys – a maximum of five questions which will be posted across our network of partner websites.
  • Ask single, multi-choice, text based or image questions.
  • Target carefully profiled respondents by age, gender or income.
  • Use the Survey Design Wizard to guide you through the survey creation process in minutes.
  • View results instantly online or download raw data for further analysis
  • Partner websites have over 4 million unique visitors each month, giving access to a stream of fresh respondents.
  • Survey questions are answered within the web page that the respondent is visiting meaning they don’t have to alter their surfing pattern to take part in the survey.
  • Gorkana Surveys can help you with ideas for story angles, news jacking ideas, monitoring a crisis and much more.

Benefits to you

  • Create surveys in minutes and get results immediately.
  • Gain invaluable insight at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.
  • Target the people that matter to you most based on their age, gender and income.
  • Make the most of your research by utilising our powerful reporting tools to analyse your results.
  • Constantly gauge public opinion by tracking KPIs in real time allowing you to make and influence decisions as and when they are required.

In brief

The survey service was a simple service to use – you use need to complete a few steps. I asked 1000 respondents a question and it only took a few hours to get the complete results along with a break down by gender, income and location. This was really valuable for turning the results into a number of editorial pieces. It also gave our press release a really strong regional angle. The survey was picked up by the press association and as a result we achieved over 40 cuttings in the three weeks after it was completed. I have definite plans to use this service again, not only for clients but to measure the success of our own campaigns.

Rose Kilby, Account Director - WPR