Media Database & PR Planning

In PR, your reputation is based on knowing your subject, your audience, and your media. Gorkana can help broaden and strengthen your journalist and blogger network, opening the doors to the media that matters.

We have made it our business to be embedded at the very heart of the media community. We know the journalists, what they are writing about, and where they are going next. We know who you need to know and we are here to help you get to know them too.

Whatever we can do to help, from hosting a regular meet the media event, to finding that obscure bio or supplying you with a ready-made topical list - we are here to help you make those critical connections.

Product elements

Key features

  • 195,492 journalist and blogger profiles, 47,690 media outlet profiles across over 168 countries.
  • Target your lists with intuitive navigation and a single, powerful search.
  • Access saved lists and folders from your dashboard.
  • Identify what major national and regional journalists have been writing about.
  • Dynamic regional mapping to pinpoint publications to a postcode level.
  • Attend our media briefing events to gain unique insight from industry speakers and network with your peers.
  • Core product features include:

Benefits to you

  • Access to the database helps you get your news to the right media, ensures your pitch is of interest to journalists, and ultimately gets the coverage you want.
  • Valuable time-saving resource to appropriately research, target and connect with relevant media and journalists with newsworthy information.
  • Really useful additional insights and tips to help you engage with journalists with the right angles at the right time.
  • An easy-to-use database with instant access to relevant information and powerful advanced search.

In brief

Really know who you need to know:

  • In depth data. Access the deepest of deep dive data on all the media that matters.
  • Know what's news worthy. Monitor the hot topics with live 30 day analysis of key media coverage.
  • Keep up with media moves. Know who's gone, who's arrived, and who's new - with our daily media alerts.
  • Make real connections. Meet key journalists at our weekly events.
  • Own live distribution lists. Search, research, create, save and send to your own live lists or use our ready-made topical lists.
  • Log that call. Track and share all your media interactions with our relationship management system.
  • Go international. Extend your reach with access to our ever-expanding, EU and US media database.