PR Measurement & Media Analysis

You know PR works. But how do you demonstrate that to the board, multiple stakeholders and PR sceptics? When budgets are under such close scrutiny, proving that your PR initiatives directly support the business is paramount.

AMEC Gold Award winners 2015

Defining what constitutes success in PR has been our core focus for nearly 20 years. Central to our philosophy is to provide the particular metrics you need, that prove your case, not just the metrics that are easy to measure.

We create media measurement programmes for the world's leading organisations, wrapping metrics around their complex and unique businesses, ultimately helping them understand, refine and demonstrate how PR has impacted the bottom line.

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Product elements

Key features

  • Metrics you need, not the metrics that are easy to measure. We demystify analysis and make it easy to understand. Our unique outlook to measure what matters has led us to build innovative solutions.
  • Gorkana combines the best analysts with leading technology and authoritative content to ensure we are always accurate and reliable.
  • By linking with Gorkana monitoring service we can deliver faster information with increased insight and intelligence.
  • Personalised analysis dashboards and presentation-ready quarterly reports allow you to identify trends and track performance.
  • We are organised around vertical markets allowing us to advise on the best solutions and provide analysis in context.
  • Attend our media briefing events to gain unique insight from industry speakers and network with your peers.

Benefits to you

  • Through ground breaking metrics and KPIs we can help you prove the contribution of PR to the success of your business. Measure what is important to you. You can rely on our fast, accurate intelligence.
  • Meaningful information that fits with your organisation’s objectives. Our analysis allows you to effectively communicate the success of your PR activity in a format that suits your house style and specific needs.
  • We cut through the noise to focus on the relevant content saving you time and keeping you in control.
  • Our experience has enabled us to develop time and cost saving solutions to allow you to focus your resources on getting the right message to the right audience. Our unrivalled global reach gives you a consistent understanding of PR success across all markets

In brief

Gorkana PR Measurement and Analysis services can help you:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the impact and outcome of your PR
  • Gain insights to plan your communications to maximum effect
  • Understand reputational drivers to aid sound decision making
  • Engage your target audiences in the most efficient way
  • Demonstrate the success of your PR initiatives
  • Gain an early warning on how your brand is being represented by social stakeholders