Social Media Services

To really work social media and use it to your organisation's advantage, you need to get under the skin of it and understand the 'who, what, why, when and where', everywhere, all the time.

Since 2005, we've been helping companies evolve their use of social media to engage with their audiences, build communities and respond to a crisis. Today we provide intelligent social and mainstream media monitoring and in-depth analysis services for some of the world's leading brands.

Our services are supported by a team of specialist analysts and consultants that can help you demonstrate success, open up opportunities and respond to challenges.

Product elements

Key features

  • Our system crawls Micro-blogging sites, Blogs, Video sites, Social Networks, Discussion Forums, Image sites, Corporate Sites and Special interest; News sites
  • Lowest levels of spam and irrelevant mentions versus competitor services.
  • Ability to identify phrases (not just pure mentions) that are being talked about in relation to your mentions, and whether these are novel, gaining popularity or in decline.
  • All content will be scored across positive, neutral or negative with our automated sentiment scoring.
  • Provides robust and transparent credibility and influence scoring to help.
  • Deep dive to the most influential content and identify the key influencers driving the conversations.
  • We cover 25 languages.
  • Attend our media briefing events and gain unique insight from industry speakers and network with your peers.
  • Ability to retrieve full historical Twitter data back to 2006, with our Twitter Hindsight Service.

Benefits to you

  • Nine out of ten mentions in social media are generally irrelevant so it is really key to have a system which is as accurate as possible and filters the right information for you.
  • The system saves you an enormous amount of time, keeps you in control of what’s being said, allows you to engage in the right conversations and reach out to key influencers.
  • Presents you with the facts that you need in a clear and easy-to-access format.
  • Saves you valuable time on manual analyses.
  • Ensures you are alerted to important mentions and conversations as quicky as possible.
  • Gives you a crucial snapshot of your reputation and impact of key messages unfolding across social media.
  • Helps you track your reputation amongst the top 1,000 industry influencers and better quantify impact.

In brief

Why choose Gorkana Social Media Services?

  • One of the world's most experienced communications measurement consultancies having been founded in 1993.
  • Experience advising global brands on social media strategy and measurement since 2005.
  • The best and brightest social media analysts.
  • Search-string expertise.
  • Market-leading technology for speed, accuracy and reliability.
  • More than social media - we offer multi-channel analyses and ad hoc reports as you need.