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Our Customer Training Department offers a full range of training and support resources to suit your exact needs.

Please use the links in the grey box on the left to take you to specific product resources. Training is complementary to our clients and comprises:

  • Initial full product overview training to get new users proficient in using the tool
  • Refresher training for not so regular users
  • Up-skill training for super-users to really get the best from the product
  • New functionality training seminars and support videos
  • Step by step video modules on every aspect of our products functionality
  • Train the trainer sessions to enable you to roll out the product to your clients
  • Breakfast Briefing group training on new products and key learning topics
  • Gorkana Training team are happy to announce the launch of our new Accredited Training Programme for Media Database and Social Media Pro clients.

    The programme is designed to help you be more effective in your role by gaining up to date knowledge of Gorkana tools and services to maximise your PR programme, find ways of making you and your team more efficient and effective, and ensure that you are up to speed with the latest technology and best practice.

    The Gorkana Academy is a certificated programme which has already been utilised by nearly 100 trainees since its launch in late May. The training sessions comprise Proficiency Level for full understanding of the tools on offer to you with your service, and Graduate level which gives you a deeper understanding of how to interrogate data and tailor MyGorkana to your exact business needs.

    View what you will learn on our Social Media Academy programme, or contact us to discuss the sessions and book your place! View here.

    For Media Database Academy programme, Click here.

    We are always happy to discuss your training needs

    Our flexible training fits in with your day, with webinar dates am and pm and a full range of support videos and downloadable PDFs which you will find on these pages.

    Please get in touch with us to discuss your exact needs at

    Below you can book onto our public training sessions which will provide you with a general overview of your chosen service:

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      Using MyGorkana

      MyGorkana is your access point to all your media services with us. It enables you to move seamlessly between your different services and gives you key metrics, feeds, news and prompts on your own personal Dashboard.

      To make the most of MyGorkana and adapt it to your personal needs send us an email to to arrange a training session.

      Media Database

      There are so many features and functionality that come with our Gorkana Media Database service. If you're new to the service, take a look at our quick start guides. Our step-by-step video guides might show you a thing or two you didn't already know...

      The Gorkana Customer Training Department is happy to announce dates for our regular training below. New users, and customers desiring a top-up are welcome to take advantage of our webinar training sessions to get you up and running, or refresh your skills. These are free, open-access webinar sessions you can visit as frequently as you like.

      If you feel you would benefit from attending one or more of the sessions, please use the link below. We look forward to meeting with you on-line.

      Overview of Media Database, Activity Tracker & Forward Features

      • Tuesdays 3pm (Duration 45 minutes)
      • Fridays 11am (Duration 45 minutes)

      Media Database - Bite-size webinar training:

      • New Press Release Fridays at 2pm (Duration 30 minutes)
      • Activity Tracker & Forward Features Fridays at 9.30am (Duration 15 minutes)

      Click here to view available dates and book your place.

        Media Monitoring

        Want to find out how you can share your most important clips with colleagues? Or how to call effective reports? Take a look at our step-by-step guides or book a training session. Whether you want to utilise self-learning or join a webinar, The Gorkana Customer Training Team are here to help you understand your service.

        Take advantage of our regular webinar training sessions to get you up and running, or refresh your skills. These are free, open-access sessions you can visit as frequently as you like.

        We look forward to meeting with you on-line.

        Full overview of your Monitoring service webinar training:

        (Duration 30 minutes)

        • Tuesdays at 10am

        Click here to view available dates and book your place.

          PR Measurement & Media Analysis

          Because of the unique nature of our Analysis service we offer client specific relevant training for PR Measurement and Media Analysis tailored to your needs.

          If you would like to book a personal web training session please get in touch with us at:

, or call +44 (0)20 7664 0800.

            Social Media Monitoring & Analysis

            Gorkana Social Media Webinars:

            • Getting Started with Social Media Wednesdays 4pm (duration 45 minutes)

            Click here to view available dates and book your place.

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